How to build a house on top of a mountain in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Obtain a substatial amount of Dynamite
Step 2: Blow up the top of the mountain to create a plateau
Step 3: Scrounge up more Dynamite
Step 4: Use dynamite to create hole for a recessed pool overlooking the valley
Step 5: Build a spectacular house designed and detailed by Everitt Design and enjoy the Breathtaking Views :) 

One of our most exciting projects is on a mountain high above Kelowna BC., Canada.  Recently completed, this unique 6,500 square foot home was designed and detailed completely by Everitt Design.  The intent of the project was for the new home to blend into its natural surroundings, mimicking and blending into the rock landscape around it. Before construction could begin, a portion of the mountain was blasted to create a level plateau where the home could be built to overlook the lake and city of Kelowna far below.  Amazingly, Rob was on site to press the button to set off the dynamite buried deep into the rockÔÇŽit was all very exciting!!! The angles in the dramatic floor plan and roof lines emulate the mountain landscape affording spectacular views to every room in the house.  Many rooms have view from front to back, giving a transparent feeling to the home.  There are stunning lake and city views from the kitchen, dining room, great room, fitness room and master bedroom and stunning rock face views from the entry, kitchen, den, guest rooms and bathrooms. 
The stone clad columns on the interior and exterior and the shades of grey acrylic stucco also tie into the indigenous stone. More dynamite was used to create the pool that recesses into the rock. The house  was designed to blur the lines between interior and exterior using large windows an an open concept with high ceiling to bring the views and natural light deep into the interior spaces. The stunning views and large windows give you the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain or within a mountain. Wooden pergola structures covered in wisteria and grape vines and covered exterior room extend form the house furthering that feeling that outside is inside and visa versa. 

Exterior Photos

Photography by Matt Szymkow, Sublime Photograpy

Interior Photos

Construction photos