Deleting the Mundane

A typical office space with long corridors and tall cubicles was in desperate need of refreshing. The goals for the space included the following:

  • Open up the space while maintaining privacy

  • Visually break up the long corridors

  • Allow light from the central atrium to penetrate further into the workstations

  • Create a lounge/lunch room

The goals for the open work area were met by clustering workstations and rotating them, visually shortening the long space and adding interest. Lowering the workstation panels slightly and including glass divider top panels increased openness while still offering privacy and sound absorption. Gorgeous tyndall stone columns existed in the space and were released from cubicle bondage for additional interest. Building on the rhythm created by the existing columns, Walnut columns were added to compliment the tyndall stone and conceal power and data for the workstations.  
Is time for coffee break yet? Lets say it is and head over to the Lounge/Lunch Room. A few different zones offer spaces for various moods. Need to sprawl out and unwind? Head over to the built in curved lounge seating for a  cozy space to relax as the tall seat back separates you from the lunch tables and kitchenette. Or, grab a fantastic lime green chair and pull up to a table, the choice is yours. 


Renovation by Renovations Plus
Photography by Scott Zielke Photography